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F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"Loeffler interpreted Chopin's Scherzo No.2 with strong dynamics. He portrayed the highly virtuosic piece with a sense of wild drama. Under his fingers the grand-piano erupted like a volcano and the passionate sonorities seemed to run through the hall like streams of glowing lava."

Sulzbach-Rosenberger Zeitung

“You cannot but notice the fact that he is a very experienced Lied accompanist and chamber musician, which shows in his very nuanced pianism. The extremely dense texture of the Brahms D minor piano concerto was beautifully crafted with a lot of attention to detail, whilst getting rid of some of its potentially overbearing power. The artist found his ideal hunting ground in the dark sonic landscapes that characterise Brahms’ music.” 

Die Rheinpfalz

„His two works could hardly have been more contrasted, Granados’s charming Escenas Románticas being followed by Beethoven’s majestic,

transcendental final sonata, the C minor op 111. And indeed Jan managed to inhabit both worlds successfully, with the 'enhanced salon’ style and

aristocratic Spanish grace of the Granados giving way to the severe, structurally watertight pianism needed for the Beethoven, with wonderfully

gauged and controlled trills in the final pages.“

Julian Jacobson, Professor of Piano at the Royal College of Music London and Chairman of the Beethoven Piano Society of Europe

"Last time I heard the piece performed live was with Krystian Zimerman, and I cannot say that his interpretation was any more musically captivating and profound than Loeffler's."

Eberhard Klemmstein, former violist at Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, composer and chamber musician

“Loeffler’s performance of the Schubert ‘Winterreise’ cycle was one of the most moving musical experiences in the twenty years I’ve been presenting these concerts."

Prof. Dr. Jerome Reed, Chair of Piano Faculty, Lipscomb University, TN, USA

Head of Piano Studies & Chamber Music Coach

Visiting Principal-Study Lecturer of Piano

Piano Tutor

External Examiner

Committee Member

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