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Q u o t e s 

"Jan is a fine artist, with the sensibility and intelligence to be an invaluable teacher.”

Howard Skempton, Composer (recipient of the Royal Philharmonic Society Award 2005, and British Composer Award in 2005 & 2008)

“The students have noted the remarkable elegance and facility with which you were able to help them improve - from minute details of technique to larger elements of proper music-making and understanding. […] I was continually impressed by the dramatic changes students were able to make in a very short time, whether in technical skill, tangible sound of the instrument, or simply in the psychology of approach; this is a tribute to your adroit instruction."

Prof. Dr. Michael Slayton, Chair of Composition/Theory, Vanderbilt University

"I was highly impressed by the depth and preparation of Jan's teaching along with his refined musical ear, and the clear articulation of his ideas and suggestions. [...] In addition to being a high-calibre musician and teacher, he possesses an inquisitive mind, exemplary communications skills and a friendly personality."

Dr Luis Sanchez, Steinway Artist, Associate Professor of Piano, Texas A&M University

T e a c h i n g  A n c e s t r y

Jan teaches a class of first study undergraduate and postgraduate students at Birmingham Conservatoire. The Conservatoire will have moved to its new building by the end of the summer 2017, where the facilities on offer will be second-to-none in the UK, including five performance spaces and a large capacity of practice studios and teaching rooms. It will be the only conservatoire building in the UK to have been built in this century, equipped with the latest technology, allowing students to be ready for the demands of the 'new generation musician'. 

More information regarding courses at Birmingham Conservatoire can be found here:

If you would like to arrange a consultation lessons, please either use the CONTACT page on this website, or alternatively send an email to 

Auditions are usually being held in November each year for entry in September the following year. 

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